Best Apps for Android and iPhone

There are a lot of mobile applications in the market which makes one overwhelm with various options. However, there are few apps which stands-out in the crowd and got a huge response from the users worldwide. Whether you are a proud owner of the latest iPhone or a Samsung model, or if you are planning to exchange or buy a new one, keuze Helper is your one-stop destination which helps you choose the best Smartphone from the best of the lot.

Best Android Apps

Here is a consolidated list of popular apps for the Android users.

  • Shorty

To get an easy access to any link or URL’s, Android users can make use of the Shorty app which provides a shortcut of any link on the home screen.

  • Digital Wellbeing

This Google app requires a high-end Android model like Android 9 Pie to use this app which tracks your mobile usage. Thus, the name digital wellbeing, which provides you an in-depth analysis of your overall gadget usage.

  • Envision AI

Are you or someone you know is visually impaired? Then, this app is for you. Envision is an Artificial Intelligence app for visually challenged Android users which guides them in reading labels like in supermarkets or reads out the menu cards in the restaurants or signboards, also helps to recognize people with the use of cutting-edge technologies in these mobile applications.

  • Power Shade

Power Shades apps help the Android users to create a personalized shade for every custom notification which can be edit colours, layout and transparency. Power Shade has a stock look and feel to it.

  • HiHello

This is one of the useful business apps for Android users, which helps to create a digital business card quickly and easily. Once it creates a digital business card for you, you will get a unique QR code. You can share this QR code with your colleagues or others where they just scan their phone to get all the business card details easily.

  • Best Maker Pro

Now Android app users who love drum pad music have an app where you can mix and match the sample and produce as a full main song. For Pro subscribers, every week these app delivers a new soundtrack as well. Some of the sites like keuze Helper helps its users to select the best Smartphone gadgets available in the current market in which the users can compare the prices with other models as well.

  • Battery Doctor

Ever wondered why your phone goes out of battery very often? The app developers created an application which gives the users a heads up about their battery life through the battery doctor app. This app allows the users to check their battery life and also helps to jot down which are the apps that are draining their battery life in no time.

Best Apps for iPhone

  • Food Vision and Pinto

This Artificial Intelligence app helps the iPhone users to get the nutritional information for the food they put in front of it. This is useful for the people who watch their diet and, or any weight, reducing program. Whereas, Pinto app creates a new nutritional plan which tracks your diet and helps to search a diet plan as per your requirement.

  • AudioLayer and Ribn

These are some of the music apps for the iPhone users in which an AudioLayer app is a designer tool, and Ribn is a programmable MIDI controller which can replay the finger taps and slides and provides much high-end technology to enhance their overall music experience.

  • Cinder App

To clean up your contact lists in a much faster way, iPhone users can now make use of the Cinder App which is in the form of Tinder cards. You need just to swipe either left or right the screen to delete a contact, and before it permanently gets removed from your phone, it conforms deletion one final time. This saves time and helps to organize your contact list in an easy way.

Common Apps which is supported by both IOS and Android versions

  • The Weather Channel

With the advancement of the meteorology forecasting predicting weather close to the accuracy became possible in today’s time and technology. The Weather Channel app is available for Android as well as iPhone devices which provide its users rich and accurate information regarding the upcoming hurricane information to daily forecast. These are available in different format either on an hourly basis or weekly basis and also forecasts up to 10 days ahead.

  • Emergency: Alerts

American Red Cross organization came up with a brilliant idea of developing an app that is exclusively used for any emergency alerts. This app predicts any type of emergency right from floods, hurricane to winter snowstorms and tornados. Once installed, this app not only tracks down your location for future alerts but also provides an opportunity to enter your near and dear one’s city location as well and it helps to predict other cities as well and predicts any future emergency weather situation. To get the latest information on smartphone market like the current market rate or if you are looking to buy one from the top ten list check out the keuze Helper to get an idea of the prices and latest features introduced in the smartphone technology.

  • Tasty

Buzzfeed has launched a foodie app where you can find all the delicious recipes with stunning visuals known as a Tasty app. This app supports both Android and IOS devices, and a search tool gives you easy access to look into your favourite cuisine quickly or filter based on a certain ingredient from their recipe library which contains more than 3000 recipes. They also offer recipes which cater to the needs of various people like vegan recipes, low-cholesterol diet, sugar-free and gluten-free recipes and so on.

  • Battle of Polytopia

Now enjoy the strategy games genre in the mobile device format as well. In this game, the players scoring highest score win as they advance through the games many tribes, which helps to develop the tribe’s civilization and involves in the neighbouring issues. The advanced technology provides a sleek and mobile-friendly strategy that doesn’t limit the players on the mobile-friendly versions. Though the game is free initially, as the player advances to new levels an in-app purchase is required to unlock and explore new tribes.