Choose Carpeting for floor cover but engage professionals for carpet cleaning

Carpeting is defined as wall to wall coverage of a floor and floor covering is generally referred to the material that is applied over a surface. The covering is about loosely-laid materials over the floor surface and there are many materials available to you that are suitable for covering floors. Some of the materials would include carpeting, carpet padding, wood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, vinyl and hard flooring consisting of cement, ceramic, glass etc. The choice of the flooring material will depend on the owner’s choice and the money he is able to spend. Whatever floor or carpeting you choose for your surfaces regular carpet cleaning is necessary to keep them fresh and hygienic.

Why carpeting is preferred?

Carpeting is most preferred because it provides a soft surface for walking. A sub-floor supports the application of carpet. Sub-floors that are that are located at underground levels is called below grade and the ones that are above ground is called above grade. Below grade sub-floors are usually made up of concrete and the above grade sub-floors with plywood. The sub-floor forms the supporting ground for the carpeting. The choice of carpeting would depend on factors like comfort, noise insulation, endurance, cleaning effort and cost. For below grade flooring materials like hardwood or laminate is not applied as they are likely to absorb moisture.

A carpet is made of stapled fibers or bound carpet fibers and is soft by characteristic. Carpeting is usually referred to wall to wall coverage and should not be mistaken with placing of a rug. Carpet is typically sued for interiors and are utilized both in high and low footfall areas. Once you lay the carpet flooring it will be at least 15 to 18 years before you replace it. Quality of a carpet is judged by the face weight which is fiber containment per square inch of the carpet. A carpet with higher face weight is likely to be softer and plush and the feel will vouch that. Carpets can be made up of wool, olefin, polyester or nylon and you will find several carpets like twists in them. It is also referred as berber commonly and multiple twisted fibers in to the carpet base is known as twist carpeting. These are used mostly in areas where the traffic is relatively high because it is easy to clean them.

More comfort is derived by placing padding under carpet which also fortifies noise insulation. Many materials like foam or rubber is used for the padding and the level of comfort is determined by the material choice.

Benefits of using carpet for covering your floors

With many floor covering options made available to customers, it is difficult to decide on what you should put on your floor. It is usually hardwood vs carpet though materials other than carpet has their own benefits and ills, the former has multiple benefits that other materials are unlikely to provide to inhabitants. A horde of benefits await you by the use of carpeting and here we produce some of them.


You might have noticed or experienced that after a sizable period of standing or walking on concrete, wood or ceramic tiles, your body feels achy and sore. You know hard surfaces will always remain hard and that is what you feel when you spend time on them. You can’t expect any flexibility from them so they cannot absorb the shocks produced by the impact of walking. What does this indicate? It means that the hard floor coverings do not absorb shocks produced by your feet and jolt your body every time you take a step. Here your body takes the jolt than the hard floor hence trigger body ache etc. With carpeting it is the other way and your body does not take jolts but feels increased levels of comfort as the shock of impact is absorbed by the carpet or carpet pads.


Style quotient is very high with carpet when compared to hard surfaces. Carpets can be luxurious, comfy, elegant and casual and provide your space with an entirely different style that hardwood cannot produce. Each room can have different coloring, texture and comfort level with the carpet range and your space will look and feel vibrant and distinct.


Insulation value to your space is significantly increased by carpeting. The more thickly the carpet, the higher insulation levels or R-Value you get from them according to studies. Regardless of the type of fiber with which a carpet is woven, increased thickness can produce fantastic warmth and insulation to the rooms.

Why you should undertake carpet cleaning regularly?

Regular Carpet cleaning ensures good health and long life for both the carpet and human. Carpet by composition is made up of several fibers twisted and bound together which also give way to the collection of dust between them. Your carpeting is likely to get dirty by dust, muck, sand, wine and coffee stain, food stain, pet hair, and airborne materials blown away by foul weather. You bring sand, dirt and mud on to the carpet via shoes and it will render the carpet dirty and ugly looking. By vacuuming you can certainly pres out the sand and dust but you will need to wash the carpet in order to bring it to its former glory. It is not easy to clean them with DIY methods and should be left to carpet cleaning professionals who have the technology and technique to clean without damaging them.

Importance of cleaning carpets with professional help

Professionals will use special chemicals that are soft but are capable of washing away dirt and muck without damaging or discoloring carpet fiber. If you try DIY and use chemicals that are not suitable for the purpose, you will end up doing permanent damage to your carpet. This will prompt you to spend more money so as to replace the damaged carpet. For comprehensive carpet cleaning Las Vegas pet stains consult professionals who are equipped to do it better and they will also compensate in case of damage to your carpet during cleaning.